Celebrity Love: True Or Fake?

Whenever we get a chance, we at Not The Worst News like to write posts on the entries of readers who follow us.

So we recently decided that whoever our 1,000th follower was, we’d visit their blog, and write an entry based on one of our entries.

And our 1,000th follower is an 18 year-old from the United Kingdom blogging under the name iccletash, who has been blogging for about two weeks. So yes, we have a choice of blogging about her article on her cat or on young love…

We’re going to go with her entry entitled “Young love true or fake?

Here’s an excerpt:

“I see alot of people on facebook saying ‘your 13 how can you be in love you don’t know the meaning of it’ and so on, but can you be in love at a young age or do you think you are in love like a crush? I know of a few people that got together young, and are married with kids till this day, so what does that say?”

You can check out her blog to chime in your opinion… until then, we will answer her question using today’s celebrities…

Celebrity Young Love – True Or Fake?

1. Katy Perry and John Mayer. Extra reported today that Mayer “got cozy” with another woman. But that doesn’t mean his love for Katy is unreal. Based on John Mayer’s song “Your Body Is A Wonderland,” we’re guessing he thinks women are bizarre places where Johnny Depp shows up in an eccentric outfit and collects a pay check. In other words, any film set with a $200 million budget. So if he thinks a woman’s body is similar to that, we cannot determine if his love is true or a drug-induced hallucination. Conclusion: uncertain!

2. Justin Bieber and the Prostitute He Reportedly Spent Time With In A Brazilian Brothel.  While we’d be tempted to say it’s fake because someone’s presumably paying for the experience, we’re going to go with it being real because based on recent reports, we’re guessing the Biebs loves anyone who is not publishing images of him in a jail cell for the world to see, even if they’re nice enough to edit out his genitals. Conclusion: perhaps it seemed true, but we don’t know because unlike the rest of Justin Bieber’s life, cameras weren’t there.

3. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. Congratulations to the newly engaged couple, unless this is all a prank on another surprise season of Punk’d, in which case, oops, sorry, fake!

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  1. You didn’t choose the cat story?? This may mean a hairball for you.

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