Frequently Asked Questions About Google Lobbying States To Allow Drivers To Wear Google Glass

Reuters reports that Google is lobbying at least three states to stop proposed restrictions on driving while wearing digital technology such as the eyeglasses known as Google Glass.

Three Frequently Asked Questions That Arise From This Story

1. “Does this mean I am not allowed to continue wearing my 3-D glasses while driving home after viewing Disney’s Frozen in 3D?” It’s probably a good idea to take those off unless the Polar Vortex has frozen your car’s tires to the ground, and also frozen your battery so the car will not start.

2. “I live in one of these states. How am I going to look cool if people can’t see me wearing Google Glass at intersections?”  If you really believe this makes you look cool, what are you doing in a car in the first place? Shouldn’t you be skateboarding to the nearest Urban Outfitters?

3. “I am a driver who is worried that wearing electronics while driving might lead to some idiot playing Farmville while driving getting into an accident with me. How do I lobby my local government to prevent this?” You may need to accumulate millions of dollars to lobby your government. Perhaps you can start-up a company that builds an application that another big company will pay 19 billion dollars for.

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  1. Great, The last comment is fantastic.


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