Judge To Make Ruling Whether You Can See Bieber Parts

TMZ reports that a judge will review images taken from a jail of Justin Bieber’s penis and backside.  This follows a request from Bieber’s lawyer that no more jail images of Bieber be released, including Bieber reportedly urinating in the holding cell.

And you thought you were having an awkward Valentine’s Day.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Can we all not agree that the public doesn’t need to see images of people going to the bathrooms in jail? If people wanted to see that, there would already be a reality TV show called Big Bathroom Brother or Sochi Olympics’ Funniest Secret Hotel Bathroom Camera Videos.

2. If this happened to you would this be more or less embarrassing than your average trip through airport security? Answer: that depends if airport security discovers your iPod is filled with the entire Justin Bieber collection and you are not a 13 year-old girl. Oh, and whether you have to go through a scanner where people can see you naked.

3. Is this the right kind of judge for this material? We mean, if the world is going to go the whole everything-is-like-a-reality-show route, at least have this judge be one of the stars of the Voice, with their chair facing backward, away from the images.

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  1. ewww – what would you do with a picture like that? And why would you want it on your phone in the first place? (I assume it was not a professional shot)


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