Little League Coach Sues Own Player For Over $500,000

According to the Bleacher Report, a California Little League coach began a lawsuit against one of his own players for over $500,000 for accidentally hitting the coach in the Achilles tendon with his helmet after a walk-off hit.

The coach is reportedly prepared to drop the suit in exchange for an apology.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Could this all been avoided if the coach had taken a lesson from his player and worn a leg-helmet? How many more injuries to coaches like this will we have to endure before stylish leg-helmets catch on?

2. If someone wins over $500,000 suing a Little League player, how do they plan to collect the money? Perhaps the Little League player is a tycoon from his leg-helmet manufacturing plant.

3. At least the helmet didn’t harm his Achilles’ heel, because based on our knowledge of literature, that would have meant the coach’s complete downfall, right? Which would have been a terrible time to have a downfall, given his team just won a game from a walk-off hit.

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2 replies

  1. If it’s only a half-hearted apology, will he still sue for the mental duress piece of the award?


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