France Reportedly Not Lending Mona Lisa To Italy.

The Local reports that France has rejected a request from Italy to borrow the Mona Lisa for an exhibit.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. “Hey Italy, have you even paid back the billions of Euros you borrowed from the European Central Bank to prevent your economy from imploding? And now you want to borrow the Mona Lisa? Hahahaha! Non.” – Someone in France.

2. “Did the loans referred to in paragraph 1 above really, happen, because if so, I would have never loaned the cast of Jersey Shore to Italy. Oh, they paid that back. Well, a lot of good that’s gonna do me now that the show is off the air.” – Fictional MTV Executive.

3. “Now how are we going to seduce this lovely Mona Lisa we hear so much about?” -Man in Italy who will instead talk to Americans backpacking through Europe.

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5 replies

  1. I heard that France’s minister of culture responded to Italy’s request with an enigmatic smile…


  2. France is right. Italy has no experience taking care of priceless art. It’s not like anything decent has ever been created in the country.


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