Warren Buffett Reveals What’s In His Wallet Before Vikings From Capital One Commercial Get A Chance.

CNN’s Piers Morgan asked Warren Buffett to take out his wallet and show him what was inside. The wallet, which was about 20 years old, contained Buffett’s original 1960s American Express Green Card; a photo of his family, and at least a few hundred dollar bills.

3 Worse Things To Find In A Billionaire’s Wallet

1. A photo of your family. Initially this may seem creepy until you realize the billionaire is also a master-magician! Oh, and they took all your cash, too, sucker.

2. Your green card. That magic trick seemed funny, until the billionaire ran off stealing your identity… just like in a 1980s-rich-person-switching-lives-with-a-poor-person-comedy-movie, except you don’t get to live the life of a rich person – you get deported back to Finland.

3. A 1960s Finnish Express Platinum Card. Not as good as it sounds unless want to spend a night buying rounds of vodka and crushed Fisherman’s Friend cough drops, which is really a popular drink in Finland. And if you wait until winter, due to the proximity of Finland to the Arctic Circle, it’s always night in Finland, so you’ll be buying those drinks for many, many, months.

Not The Worst News: Delivering All The News, Comedy, And Information About Finland You Need.

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