Where Can We Sign Up For “Tea Party Negotiation 101?”

CNN reports that in less than 24 hours the U.S. may hit its debt ceiling, risking another ratings downgrade to the U.S., or a minority of House Republicans may vote with House Democrats on a resolution that basically doesn’t meet the various things the Tea Party has demanded during this crisis.

Three Questions About Tea Party Negotiation 101

1. Did you learn your negotiation tactics from those school teachers who punish everyone in the class when one kid does something wrong? Actually, that makes sense, since those people were teachers.

2. Hey, remember in 2011, when America’s credit was downgraded by S&P, and the stock market tanked, after similar Tea Party negotiations? That would require learning a lesson from history, and nobody got to learn the importance of history in your grade school classes because history got cancelled for the whole class when one kid reenacted the Boston Tea Party by throwing his history book in the school pool, and the history teacher than confiscated everyone’s history books and threw them in the pool.

3. Is #2 above the reason that the History Channel has shows called: “Ice Road Truckers” and “Hatfields and McCoys,” and “God, Guns, and Automobiles?” What a weird coincidence that many fans of these shows also may have voted for the Tea Party.

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