Penny For The Person Who Misspelled Jesus On The Vatican’s Medals Thoughts

Reuters reports that the Vatican has withdrawn thousands of Papal medals after realizing inscriptions on them misspelled “Jesus” as “Lesus.”

Speaking of topical errors on metallic circular objects, here are:

3 Worse Possible Errors For The U.S. Penny

1. instead of “In God We Trust” – ” In Gold We Trust.” This wouldn’t exactly instil confidence in the nation’s currency, would it?

2. instead of “In God We Trust” – “In GOP we trust.” Hey, if you want people to trust your party and your currency, you might want to avoid causing a default on the nation’s debt.

3. Instead of “Liberty” mint half the coins to say “Liberal” and half “Libertarian.” Although if this happened, it would be a bipartisan mistake, which would be the first bipartisan thing we’ve seen come out of the East Coast in a while.



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