Half Of You Search For Your Name On Search Engines, Half Say, “Why Bother, There’s A Million John Does, And None Of Them Are Me!”

AllThingsD reports that a recent survey indicates 56% of web users admit they self-search (also known as “Googling yourself,” or “Ego-Surfing” or “Stalking-Yourself-Because-You-Don’t-Quite-Get-Stalking.”)

And if you are one of the 56%, you tend to be better-educated and more affluent than the rest of the population!

Three Questions That Arise From This Story

1. “Don’t the major web search engines save my search history? Doesn’t that mean that they will be able to figure out that I’m the one searching for ‘Ways To Frame The Neighbor’s Cat For Arson?’ Does this mean the neighbor’s screechy cat is not going to jail?” These are tough questions. Maybe you should post them on Yahoo Answers!

2. “Just because someone is better educated, does the fact that they need to find out what’s going on in their life by searching on Google mean that they’re education paid off?” Yes, if their education included searching for free essays on Google!

3. “WTF, my name is ‘John Doe,’ and I just Googled my name, and whoa, how could I have been found dead in so many places?” That’s a good question, but you really shouldn’t be walking down the street in Thailand, reading this on a smart phone, without your I.D. in your pocket… and look out for that car!

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