New Watch Will Allow Friends To Text You Messages Suggesting You Get A Less Nerdy Watch

The NY Times reports that Samsung has introduced a “smart watch” that can take pictures, tell you what time it is, and even take phone calls (only if you also have a Samsung phone or tablet on bluetooth nearby).

From the article:

“A gentle swipe downward quickly turns on the camera, a feature Samsung calls the ‘Memographer.’”


“Because a gyroscope and accelerometer detect the Gear’s movement, a user can answer incoming calls by lifting his wrist to his ear.”

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Did we really need a device that makes it even easier for Anthony Weiner to take photos of his crotch just by a “gentle swipe downward?” Remember, if it can happen to a former member of Congress, it can probably happen to your grandmother who can’t even operate the Samsung television remote, never mind the Samsung watch somebody will get her for Christmas.

2. “Oh thank goodness people can now answer the phones in their pockets by lifting their wrists to their ears. That’s so much more convenient and fashionable than having a bluetooth device already in their ears, right?” We’re sure anyone currently wearing a Blackberry on their waist would agree via Blackberry messenger, whatever that is.

3. Is this as cool as 1980s calculator watches? Time will tell. Just not time on the watch, because it will be all like, “I’m not hanging out on this device.”

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