Yahoo Changes Logo In Epic Font Event

AllThingsD reports that Yahoo has introduced a new logo, after 30 days of build up featuring different, non-permanent Yahoo logos. The logo is purple, slimmer, and, well, if you’re really into logos you can watch an entire video about the logo change here.

3 Worse Logos Yahoo! Could Have Chosen

1. The yodeller from The Price Is Right, falling off the cliff, after Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer overbid by about $30 million on the actual retail price of a company run by a British teenager called Summly, and Rice-A-Roni! Come on Marissa, it’s the San Francisco treat, that’s right in your backyard!

2. The new logo for Hooters. Yes, as predicted by the Mayans (not affiliated with the Mayers), 2013 is the year that all of the world’s companies with “Hoo” in their name slightly change their logos! It’s a fact, but please don’t say “Woo-hoo,” because that will just encourage major news organizations to write about this kind of thing.

3. “Yahoo!” printed in whatever randomly mis-sized, small font that Microsoft Word is automatically typing your sentence in! Microsoft Word sure loves to insert tabs you don’t want, followed by indented margins you also don’t want, followed by changing the letter (c) in brackets to the symbol for copyright. Because you copyright all of your little sentences in those reports due in ten minutes, right? Anyway, needless to say, we’re pleased Yahoo didn’t choose random-indenty-sans-serif-6 point font!

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