Ke$ha Drinks Own Urine On TV, Proving Putting Dollar Signs In Your Name Does Not Always Guarantee People Will Think You’re Classy!

Gawker reports that pop star Ke$ha urinated into a bottle and then drank it as part of an MTV reality show. Because, apparently, MTV’s definition of reality, is “this is something that happened.” And we can’t argue with that.

The drinky-drinky part can be viewed by clicking here.

But we know what you’re asking: is this safe for work?

3 Places Where Watching Ke$ha Drink Her Own Urine May Or May Not Be Safe For Work Internet Viewing

1. Apple drink taste-testing scientific lab. Probably not, because you know the word “drink” indicates it’s not real “juice,” meaning watching this video might not set your mind at ease, as to what the apple drink ingredients really are.

2. Mass-produced beer taste-testing scientific lab. Definitely! Because you get paid to drink beer, and have the liquid courage not to be squeamish watching a video.

3. Urine and blood sample collecting lab. Definitely! Everyone at work needs a good laugh in between watching muscular men who work out everyday faint after a little tiny blood test, which will determine if they get suspended from professional sports!

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8 replies

  1. Ohhh, Ke$ha! She’s an interesting pop culture presence, but probably one I wouldn’t particularly enjoy having a conversation with.


  2. Yuck!

    The worst thing I’ve ever done is to (accidently) drink “wookie-water” (tobacco juice).

    Do you think I could make it on an MTV reality show?



  1. Woman Says She’s Too Pretty To Work. “Right,” Says Fred, “I have the same problem!” | NotTheWorstNews

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