This May Not Be The Best Time To Try To Sell Those Worthless Internet Dial-Tone-Screeching-Simulating Alarm Clock Stocks You Bought In 1999!

CNBC reports that the NASDAQ stock exchange halted all trading for at least two hours, with all trading to resume at 3:25 EST.

Three Other Times In Life You Wish Trading Was Halted

1. When you were a kid and traded a Wayne Gretzky rookie card for a Quebec Nordiques team logo card that had spent may days in the spokes of your friend’s bike.

2. Any time a kid trades bodies with his or her parents in a movie. How many variations of Freaky Friday do we need, studios? (Ironically this entry was written by a precocious kid stuck in an adult writer body.)

3. That time you traded all of your tiles in Words With Friends, hoping to get something better than AAAAAUA. Enjoy your EEEEEUE! At least with the A’s,  you could have made the word “AA,” because American Airlines is somehow in the dictionary, even if it can’t get enough respect to merge with U.S. Airways from the Department of Justice!

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