Kid Gets On News For Making Deodorant Do What Greeting Cards Do

CNN reports that an eleven-year-old inventor has used musical greeting card technology to make Old Spice deodorant play the themes to Rocky and Indiana Jones when the deodorant cap is removed.

3 Other Surprises We’d Like To See When Putting On Your Deodorant

1. The Rocky musical-playing components get stuck under a crossing-guard’s arm, resulting in everyone running up the nearest stairs any time the guard raises their arm to stop traffic. (Applies mainly in Philadelphia in front of inspiring stairways.)

2. The newest Spice Girl, “Old Spice” jumps out of a laundry basket and sings all of the Spice Girls’ hits. By pop music standards, any of the original Spice Girls can claim the new name “Old Spice,” while hoping not to get sued for trademark infringement.

3. Someone put this musical deodorant in your room while you are trying to phone Halle Berry at 9-1-1 because the killer is in the house, just like in the movie, the Call. Oh, no, you were trying to be quiet, but because it’s so dark, you confused your deodorant with a cell phone. Now the killer’s totally alert to your location! You should really clean your room in the future!

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