This Article Could Be About Something Like A-Rod

CNN reports that New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez could get $61 million under his contract if his career ends and he never plays another game.

And CNN reports that other reports say he could face a lifetime suspension and get nothing.

CNN says this reportedly could be because of performance enhancing drug use.

3 More Things That Could Happen To A-Rod

1. He could have ice cream today. Depending on where he goes, he could choose from 31 flavors. And he could choose “Baskin-Robbins Baseball Nut” flavor, because, you know he likes baseball.

2. He could watch CNN while having a scoop of ice cream, wondering, “Where’s the scoop, CNN? What’s with all this-could-happen or the-opposite-of-this-could-happen business?”

3. He could switch the channel to Fox News, and think “Why is this no spin zone spinning so much?” (Only applies if he confuses his television with the window of a front-loading laundry machine.)

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