Colonel Not Invited To Latest KFC Party?

CNBC/NBC report that KFC is not using an image of the iconic Colonel Sanders in its latest concept KFC Eleven. The article even suggests that this may push the Colonel image closer to retirement.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. What does this mean for the career of Clue’s Colonel Mustard? Does he stand to gain from moving up the rankings of popular food product-related Colonels? If so, we suggest Colonel Sanders avoid the Kitchen, Dining Room, and Billiard Room!

2. Where do corporate mascots go for retirement? Because we suspect that the Hamburglar could steal some record hauls while Joe Camel and Spuds Mackenzie were distracted by cigarettes, beer, and bikini-clad women.

3. Are we the only ones that thought the Colonel’s tie in the KFC logo from 1978 to around 1991 (which can be viewed here) were his arms and legs? Are you telling us, KFC, that after you clarified that the Colonel wasn’t a man with a massive head, and we finally get what’s going on, you might put him into retirement? Now we’ll have to save our fast food logo confusion for the word “MOM” that has been reported this week to be an unintended image in the new Wendy’s logo.

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