Gawker Reports Alleged Rob Ford Crack Video May Be “Gone.” Gone Fishin’ We Hope!

Gawker reports that its source indicates that the alleged video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford allegedly smoking crack, that Gawker raised over $200,000 in contributions to buy (minus thousands in fees to PayPal and IndieGoGo) is “gone.”

From the report:

“It’s gone’ could mean many things. It might mean that the video has been destroyed. It might mean that it has been handed over to Ford or his allies. It might mean… [numerous additional explanations of what the phrase might mean]”

3 More Things That “It’s Gone” Could Mean

1. Based on the most popular definition at Urban Dictionary, it could mean the video and device it’s recorded on are totally high. At first it may seem ironic that a device recording someone smoking crack is high, but if you were a device recording someone smoking crack, you may wind up with a second-hand crack smoke addiction, too!

2. It’s gone fishin’! Kinda like the media was fishing for a news story instead of buying the video immediately. Anyway, maybe the video will catch a few hundred thousand more dollars floating in the river and then use the fishing line to connect to the internet and publish itself!

3. Some idiot dropped it in a video store return box. This will only add insult to injury when said idiot has to pay a late fee for a video he legitimately returned, and then the video store goes bankrupt after the fee was paid because it’s not 2005. If only said idiot had a fishing line to get the video back out of the return box!

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