Man Resigns From Job On A Cake! We Hope The Job Wasn’t Helping Illiterate Robot Bosses Operate A Cake Assembly Line!

Yahoo reports that a man who calls himself “Mr. Cake” sent a letter of resignation to his recent employer written in icing on a cake.

So for all of you people who have been calling yourselves “Ms. Angry Email,” or “Mr. Thirty-Page-Letter-Explaining-Why-Nobody-Appreciates-My-Efforts,” it looks like you have new competition in the job-quitting-creativity business.

Fortunately, you don’t have competition with Mr. Cake in the job-searching business as his letter indicated he wants to sell more cakes at his own business.

3 Other Places We’d Like To See Employees Write Resignations

1. Using atoms on a microscope slide. This is a fun way to let your employer you know exactly how nanotechnology works, and while they have eyes focused on the microscope, you can deliver a second notice of resignation on a…

2. Vanity License Plate. As your boss sees your tires squeal as you race off into the distance, your “I QUIT” license plate will confirm the message delivered by the atoms. And if you get a speeding ticket, the unsympathetic officer who refused to let you off the hook on your bad day might write “I QUIT” on the ticket, causing him to inadvertently lose his job!

3. Parking Tickets. If you are a parking officer and write “I QUIT” on every ticket, all kinds of people will know you quit, and know to fight the tickets because you will not show up for Court. And it’s a good thing you quit, because the person who gets summonsed to court because they have a hundred tickets from one day because they thought an “I QUIT” vanity plate would get them off the hook for tickets, would likely be very mad at you if you were at Court!

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