Are Americans Going To Start Finding Seahorse Meat In Their Fishburgers?

Looks like the horse DNA recently found in some beef in Europe isn’t the only surprise animal substitute you may find in your next meal!

CBC reports that a recent study indicates that 33% of fish sold in U.S. grocery stores, restaurants, and sushi venues is mislabeled.

From the article:

“For instance, pangasius is often sold as grouper, sole and cod; tilapia as red snapper; and Atlantic farmed salmon as wild or king salmon.”

Three Questions That Arise From This Story

1. If you go out for seafood with two of your friends, one of your friends will probably get what they paid for! Unless it’s at a sushi restaurant, where if you all order meals sampling six raw items, chances are everybody loses! Does this mean all you can eat-sushi may not be a good idea?

2. What are the odds that if your fish seems a bit chewy that it’s really “mislabeled” tires or other trash floating in the Texas-sized mass of garbage in the Pacific Ocean?

3. What are the odds that your seafood dish is really made of correct labels saying “100% Pangasius?”

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  1. We’ve got pretty used to horse over here.


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