Sometimes You Think You Bought A Poodle, But Really Bought A Rodent On Steroids…

The Daily Mail reports that a man in Argentina was surprised to find out that the two “two poodles” he bought at a bazaar were actually ferrets on steroids.

3 Worse Things You Could Buy When You Think You Are Buying Toy Poodles

1. Real poodles. It’s not your fault you didn’t know “toy” poodles weren’t actually toys, but it will be your fault when they start trashing your living room if your kid who you bought them for doesn’t feed them and take them out for walks.

2. Major League Baseball players on steroids. Not only will your child be disappointed for not getting a poodle, they will be more disappointed to learn that their hero is a steroid-using cheater!

3. Ferrets that are not on steroids. How are these pets ever gonna win the Ferret World Series? The good news is they still have a shot of getting into the Ferret Hall of Fame.

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