If You Are Looking For A Convenient, But Bad Deal On Clay, Have You Tried Buying An iPad?

CNN recommends that you open iPad packaging and look inside before purchasing the device, because some customers at places like Wal-Mart and Best Buy have left the store, only to find a fake decoy iPad, or plastic bags filled with modelling clay.

According to the CNN, a theory of how this happens is people buy iPads, and then return the box with a different object inside. If true, that means nobody at the Customer Service departments at these stores opened the boxes to verify what’s inside. Which is ironic, because prior to media attention, at least one store reportedly refused to allow a return of a fake iPad – suggesting that the customer compounded their problem by showing what was in the box!

3 Worse Things To Find In An iPad Unboxing Than Bags Of Clay

1. An iPad box containing an iPad Mini Box, containing an iPod Touch box, containing an iPod Nano box! That’s a classic Matryoshka doll of Apple packaging!

2. A kidney that someone from China used to buy an iPad. Now you have to spend hours figuring out how to unlock a kidney to figure out how to preserve it on Web MD!

3. A bunch of parts, along with instructions of how to assemble your iPad written in Swedish. You should have been suspicious that someone tampered with something when you saw a brown box with a sticker saying “iPad” on it at IKEA!

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