We’re Actually Beginning To Wish We Had More Tom Cruise News and Less Carnival Cruise News!

CNN reports that just days after Carnival Cruise Lines announced it is flying passengers to Florida from a malfunctioning ship in St. Maarten, a different Carnival cruise ship is experiencing technical difficulties that is affecting its speed. That’s four Carnival ships with problems in a month, says CNN!

3 Ways To Kill Time If You Are Ever Delayed On A Cruise Ship

1. Watch classic episodes of the Love Boat on your iPad. In those days a crew of seven could solve three romantic dilemmas in just an hour, including commercials, and still have time to steer the ship, while one bartender served drinks to everyone on board!

2. Play Carnival Cruise Ship Bingo! Just put the names of all the Carnival Cruise Ships in random order on a Bingo Card, and put pieces of popcorn on each name if a ship malfunctions!

3. Maybe it’s a good thing you’re stuck on a cruise ship. Search the entire vessel for clues of couples of every species of animal in the world assembled two-by-two. Did you find a pair of giraffes mating? Maybe a panda? What? Nothing but seagulls? Abort your mission! They’ll steal your last pieces of popcorn!

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