Treasury Can Mint Trillion Dollar Coin To Solve All Of America’s Problems… Except Trillion Dollar Coins Getting Stuck In Vending Machines, When All You Want Is A Bottle Of Filtered Water

Fox News reports that although extremely unlikely, the U.S. Treasury Department could in theory, mint a one-trillion dollar coin to pay off U.S. debt if the debt ceiling issue is not resolved in a timely manner.

3 Worse Uses Of A Trillion Dollar Coin Than Paying Off Some Of The U.S. Debt

1. Trying to win a SpongeBob SquarePants stuffed animal by tossing the coin on a plate in a carnival game. We’re not saying that the plates are greased, but… Shhhhhhh! The plates may be greased.

2. Trying to pay a toll at an E-Z Pass lane at an Interstate toll booth. You’re in the wrong lane! Cars are honking, and you can’t turn around! And to add insult to injury, a security alarm goes off after you drive through after trying to resolve the matter by tossing the trillion dollar coin into a payment receptacle. You haven’t felt like such a criminal since you set off alarms touching razor blades at Wal-Mart.

3. Get drunk and leave it as a tip at a bar, where the waitress throws it back at you because she thinks coins are insulting. You’re having worst luck than Richard Prior in Brewster’s Millions trying to spend this thing!

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