“Trending” Among Words People Don’t Want To See Trending In 2013

CNBC reports that the phrase “fiscal cliff” and word “trending” have made the 2013 Lake Superior State University’s annual list of Banished Words.

3 Things We’d Like To See People Stop Saying In 2013

1. “Happy 1913!” Look, we get that all of your clocks and computers broke on Y2K and reset everything to 1900, but it’s really time to replace your obsolete electronic devices.

2. “What channel is that Snooki/J-Woww show on?” It’s on MTV, but unlike those who think they should get rid of the “M” now that music is not played, we’d suggest getting rid of the “V” as the line-up becomes increasingly “Empty.” Yeah, we just went there.

3. “Our Lake Is So Superior, as is our command of the English language that we have the power to banish words from the English language, and everybody in the world will listen! By the way, please don’t turn on CNN or Fox News or any other news channel, because they might be talking about the fiscal cliff. And yes, it is ironic that everyone is talking about the fiscal cliff in articles about the fact that we banned the phrase ‘fiscal cliff.'”

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2 replies

  1. In an article recommending we banish “fiscal cliff” from our vocabulary, you managed to use the phrase “fiscal cliff” a full 4 times. I think you are a closet “fiscal clifff” fan and should instead advocate we broaden its usage in such ways (i.e. as a past tense verb (“I’ve been fiscal cliffed.”) I could go on, but I’m coming up on a sharp comment fiscal cliff and I don’t want to fall off.


  2. Fiscal Cliff Kardashian-West will completely agree with you after he or she is born.


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