Congress Working Diligently Today To See If It’s Possible To Lower 18% Approval Rating

According to Fox News, Congress, which currently has an 18% approval rating, is back to work today to try to resolve the Fiscal Cliff dilemma before everyone’s taxes go up.

Congress pushing it to the line with rhetoric reminds us of when Kramer on Seinfeld wanted to see how close to the empty line he could get the gas tank indicator on his car.

3 Things Congress Could Do To Make Itself Even Less Popular Than Doing Nothing, Causing Everyone’s Taxes To Go Up

1. Have everyone in Congress move into one house in a reality show airing on NBC, a network that hasn’t been popular since Seinfeld (unless you think Friends spin-off Joey was a runaway hit!)

2. Attend a late-afternoon negotiation seminar featuring lessons from the NHL Players’ Union and Owners because they are obviously much better at negotiating, as will be evidenced when all of the U.S. Senators agree with the NHL owners to trade themselves to the Ottawa Senators and get on the ice, starting tomorrow!

3. Announce a resolution 10 seconds before midnight tomorrow, pre-empting live broadcasts from the likes of Ryan Seacrest and Kathy Griffin, so American viewers miss the ball dropping in Times Square, as Congress ironically avoids dropping the ball.


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