People Buying Botox Injections On Groupon!

Yahoo reports that consumers are turning to group discount sites like Groupon to purchase Botox injections. One physician quoted warns “buyer beware,” as discount “Botox” used could be over-diluted.

3 Other Things We Would Not Want To Buy On Group Coupon Sites

1. Discounted web domains. We wanted to make a joke about starting a business with a web domain call “GropeOn” but according to GoDaddy, it’s already taken, and we rather not find out what this site has to offer.

2. Groupon stock. $3 Billion for a company that’s lost 8 cents a share over the past year, according to Yahoo Finance? We’ll just hold on to our 8 cents, until we accumulate 42 more cents, and can launch a lucrative rap career, thank you!

3. Groupies. While today’s 40-something year old Poison and Whitesnake groupies may be willing to party with you at deep discounts to 1980s rates, the only personality we want to party with from the 1980s is ALF, because he always tells it like it is.

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