Sony Reportedly To Discontinue Cassette Player/Recorder, Which Will Lead To Making Whiny Mixed Tapes Becoming A Real Hassle!

Akihabara News reports that Sony will discontinue the cassette player/recorder in 2013. So last chance to run out and get one, unless you’re looking for one at Wal-mart, which currently indicates on their web site they are “not available at this time!” Oh, Sony cassette players, we know you’re available until 2013, so why are you all playing so hard to get at Wal-mart in 2012?

3 More Things We’d Like To See Discontinued in 2013

1. Predictions that the world will end on December 21, 2012.

2. Infomercials that explain why every day activities like using blenders, flashlights, or blankets are such a hassle! If using a blanket is really a hassle, maybe the problem is you keep buying blankets full of helium. Stop buying your blankets from clowns at flea markets, we say!

3. New infomercials explaining how watching infomercials is such a hassle. “You have to lie on the couch and not change the channel or look for the remote control! Then you have to phone a number or log on to the internet and fill in information. Well, with new Kredit Kard Fraud, we just deliver random stuff to you, and you never have to get up off the couch! Just let it accumulate at your front door!”

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