Text Message Celebrated 20th Birthday With Sad Face Emoticon

CNN reported earlier this week, text messaging turned 20, however is expected to decline in popularity, as more people can avoid text messaging fees by using wifi.

3 More Embarrassing Moments In The Life Of A 20-Year-Old Text Message

1. The text message still is not old enough to legally drink in the United States! However that somehow doesn’t stop us from receiving angry wrong-number text messages from drunk people meant for their significant others at 3 a.m.

2. The text message has no high school degree, as evidenced by it’s consistent poor use of grammar, and spelling of words like “you” and “are,” leading to ironic texts like: “U R Eliterate!”

3. Cops and law enforcement are reportedly asking congress to force carriers to store everyone’s text messages for two years so that they can use them for future criminal investigations. If they get there way, all those private text messages sent to wrong numbers at 3 a.m. will not only be embarrassing in front of the recipient, they could be embarrassing in front of the world as a public record. OMG, indeed – who knew text messages could be as potentially private as Facebook?

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