Canadians Asked To Stop Doodling On Five Dollar Bills To Create Spock Look-Alike

The Timmins Press reports that the Bank of Canada has asked Canadians to stop “Spocking” five dollar bills.

Specifically, using a pen, artistic Canadians have been able to draw a new haircut and eyebrows of former Canadian Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier, and make him look like Leonard Nimoy’s Mr. Spock character.  Click here to see examples.

Although the Bank of Canada has asked Canadians to stop doing this, they have also reportedly acknowledged the actions are not illegal.

So, now that we know it might not be illegal to write on Canadian currency, here are:

3 Things We Also Don’t Want To See People Write On Canadian Bills

1. “Made In China”

2. “Made in China Out Of Wood From The Same Company That Supplies Lumber Liquidators.”

3. “Take a ride on the Reading Railroad!”*

*Stop implying colourful Canadian currency looks like Monopoly money!

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  1. We have Loonies, Twoonies, so lets add Spocks. Two Twoonies plus one Loonie makes one Spock. So how many Timmies can you get for one Spock ? 😀

    Have you seen the new five dollar Laurier portrait has a creepy resemblance to Harper. Look at the eyes and mouth.

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