41% Of Adults Aged 25-29 Live Or Have Recently Lived With Their Parents

The New York Times reports that a Pew report indicates 41% of late 20-somethings have recently lived at home with their parents.

3 More Embarrassing Places To Live At Age 25-29

1. With your mother, who is attracted to the vampire next door, just like in Fright Night, except you are too old to assemble a gang of high-school nerds to help fight the vampire once she invites him into the house for a beer.

2. With your parents, but in their bodies, just like in the movies Freaky Friday, and 17 Again. Enjoy your new Tommy Bahama wardrobe!

3. With your mother, but sharing half the body with her, just like Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin did in the movie All Of Me. The last thing you need at age 29 is one half of your body asking the other half of your body “When are you going to get a job?” while the other half of your body also reminds you she is retired and unwilling to work at Starbucks.

So worry not, late 20-somethings, as Hollywood movies remind us, it always could be worse!

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