Google Android App Ensures Grinch Can’t Steal Christmas… By Omitting To Add Christmas Or December To App’s Calendar.

Engadget reports some devices using Google’s latest 4.2 operating system for Android, have a little problem when trying to schedule things like birthdays in the “People” App. The month of December 2012 does not exist.

Hey Google, that must have been some New Year’s Eve party last year, when you forget an entire month exists a year later!

3 Slogans We’d Like To See Google Use

1. Forgetting Christmas Since Whatever Year We Forgot That

2. Sorry We Forgot Your Birthday, But We Did Remember Every Other Embarrassing Search You Did Over The Past 11 Month Year

3. You Will Never Get Lost Using Google Maps To Get To Your Friend’s Birthday Party On December 15 That You Do Not Know About!

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  1. My kids are already scared that Santa uses a Google calendar and will either forget or get lost. Which gives me an idea …


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