Treadmills Available Outside For People Who Want To Run Outside, Without All The Hassle Of Running To Somewhere

This is a photo of a few outdoor treadmills taken in Macau, China.

Prior to seeing this, we thought the reason treadmills were inside were so people could, you know, avoid bad weather running outside. Because if you were already outside, you could just run outside. But this device proves everything we knew about everything all of our lives has been wrong!

3 Worse Places To Put A Treadmill

1. On a bridge across the Seine River in France. As we previously reported, that’s a place to build bridges made out of potentially dangerous trampolines! It’s not the place for treadmills that prevent people from crossing the bridge because they keep running on the spot!

2. On top of another electric treadmill set to 10 miles per hour. The first treadmill is just going to fly off and destroy the gym wall. Safety first, people!

3. Lindsay Lohan’s house. The last thing we need to see is what happens if Ms. Lohan decides to drive the treadmill to the West Hollywood Standard Hotel nightclub “Smoke And Mirrors” in Hollywood. The club is apparently full of smoke and mirrors, which sounds like a risky place to use a treadmill, never mind drive it around, forgetting it’s not your car.

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