What’s Pizza Hut Stuffing Their Crust With Now?

Pizza hut is now advertising Hot Dog Stuffed Pizza in Canada. “It’s greatness – stuffed with greatness!”

Wait a minute… if you stuff greatness with greatness, aren’t you making one solid circular object of pure greatness, indicating it’s really not stuffed with anything? We’ll let the philosophy majors decide.

3 More Things A Pizza Chain Could Stuff Their Crust With

1. Ballots for the upcoming U.S. election! Spoiler alert: you’re not helping your favorite candidate win by illegally stuffing multiple ballots into a a pizza and then consuming it.

2. Ballots for a Pizza Chain Contest To Determine “What Crazy Unhealthy Item Should We Stuff Our Crust With Now?” The good news if the ballots are made of paper, you’d be eating fibre which may be healthier than whatever food product you voted for. Although if you voted for “hot dogs” you could have just gone to a Canadian Pizza Hut (while supplies last.)

3. Stuffing. Stuffed with stuff. We’re not talking the stuffing you serve at Thanksgiving, but rather than cottony stuffing at Build-A-Bear Workshop. Even the inanimate stuffed and unstuffed bears may frown upon your culinary choice. And the more animated, animatronic bears at Chuck E. Cheese’s may frown more if someone tries to stuff their classic dough and cheese pizza with anything.

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  1. I’m so glad I broke free from spirit-sucking toxins like this years ago; the additives, and products , these places use is absolutely mind-blowing!



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