McDonald’s Ad Saying “100% Beef Not 100% Cow” May Give Philosophy Majors New Topic To Debate At 2:00 A.M.

As we’ve reported twice, McDonald’s Canada is running a new ad campaign that allows Canadians to ask the company questions on a web site via Twitter and Facebook.

As previously mentioned, they have blanketed Toronto’s busy Yonge and Bloor station with ads. As a picture says 1,000 words (unless it’s a poster saying less than ten words), here are some more examples from the station.

But this is the poster we want to write about today:

100% Mysterious!

Okay, if you’re pondering the meaning of this, the web site has an explanation, which you can read here. Basically someone asked if cow organs and snouts were used in the burgers, and McDonald’s said no. Dear McDonald’s, your poster would have made more sense to us if it said “NOT 100% of the cow.” You know, because beef is 100% made of cows, much in the way this web site is 100% made of jokes, bulls and steer.

But enough “grammar” this and “logic” that! What about the cows out there? Certainly some insecure cows may be offended that their entire cow-hood appears to be question.

3 More Boolean Functions For Ads

1. 100% Hot Dog, Not 100% Ingredients You Really Want To Know.

2. 100% Good Cholesterol, Not 100% Well-Behaved Cholesterol, this cholesterol just got a tattoo of its Harley.

3. 100% Images And Words For The Purpose Of Advertising, Not 100% Optical Illusion, So Please Stop Staring At The Ad And Just Read It, And Then Buy The Product!

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  1. There is nothing confusing about this sign. Beef comes from bulls as well as cows so the sign is simply reminding us that beef comes from both male and female cattle, not just cows which, in case you did not know, are female. It has nothing to do with what percentage of a given animal is used in beef.


    • First off, an excellent interpretation. However, our entry specifically hyperlinked to McDonald’s web page that is part of the campaign. If you click on the hyperlink you will see he question being answered was:

      “when you say 100% beef, do you mean the whole cow: the organs, snout, brain, kidneys, etc etc, or just the plain beef we buy @ the grocer”


      • The website answers the question as asked. The initial question is based on a misinterpretation of the wording of the ad. Beef is not 100% cow and it is not 100% OF the cow. It is selected portions of cows, bulls, heifers and steers.


      • Since we’re talking about barnyards here, the question is presented as the chicken that came before the advertising egg.

        We already said your interpretation of the definition of beef is excellent, but we can’t upgrade it to super-elite-excellent until you earn 25,000 frequent poster miles.


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