Mitt Romney Says He Has Met Some People In Appleton, Wisconsin. Doesn’t really have a story about them, but he met them.

In tonight’s third and final U.S. Presidential debate, Mitt Romney said he met “some of those” people who faced economic challenges since Obama took office.

“I’ve met ’em in Appleton, Wisconsin,” said Romney, “I’ve met a young woman in Philadelphia who’s coming out of college, can’t find work, I’ve met – Ann was with someone just the other day with that was just weeping about not being able to get work.”

Mitt, please tell your son Tagg to stop weeping about not being able to find work “punching” until after the results of the election are declared by Fox News.

Anyway, that’s all bad news! And worse news is that usually in a political debate or speech, when you pander to the audience by trying to tell a relatable story about someone you met, there is a story.

This reminded us more of a rock concert where the lead singer gives a shout out to whatever city he’s in. (But in this case the cities were in potential battleground states of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.)

Who are these people in Appleton Wisconsin, that Romney couldn’t remember their names or stories? And why did Romney seem to struggle listing off people he met who were struggling? Was it to ironically struggle about struggling stories?

3 Vaguer People Mitt Romney May Have Met On The Campaign Trail

1. Some of those employed people in Appleton, Wisconsin, where the reported September unemployment rate was 6.3%, which makes them extra easy to find relative to the rest of the country.

2. Some of those people who aren’t wearing a monocle and top hat like Rich Uncle Pennybags from the board game Monopoly. You know, those guys who look like a thimble and a race car.

3. Some of those people who turn out to be Muppets. Not the kind of Muppets Goldman Sachs employees in England allegedly call Goldman Sachs’ clients. More like the big, yellow muppets, who say they are non-partisan, but then when you hand them your valet ticket for the car elevator, they park your car in a nest in a tree.

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  1. And let’s not forget some of those unemployed people Mitt Romney had fired.


  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about music.


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