Not The Worst News Just Hit 1,000 “Likes” On WordPress! Thank You! Now Here’s 3 Worse Things!

3 Worse Things Than Getting 1,000 Likes On WordPress

1. Getting 1,000 likes on your Facebook status: “I just got dumped after losing my job! 😦 😦 :(“ You don’t even have 1,000 Facebook friends, so who are the jerks who clicked “like” multiple times? Or is your news just so bad that the likes exceed your friends because you broke Facebook? Please note: breaking Facebook will not make you popular with any potential replacement soul-mates.

2. Getting 1,000 lakes. That just means you became the proud owner of Finland, “Land of 1,000 Lakes!” This is terrible timing, when Finland, home of the ailing Nokia smartphone maker, is scheduled to get the iPhone 5 this Friday!

3. Getting 1,000 L.A. Lakers and Laker Girls! Just one set of Lakers may have bankrupted you with this year’s $100 million payroll! But you can’t concentrate on the exact implications on your budget, because as you try to input the numbers into Quicken in your 500 square foot West Hollywood apartment, you are distracted by all of the Laker Girls jumping up and down with a marching band to Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl!

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  1. This was too funny! I especially appreciate the Facebook status one. Whenever someone posts exceptionally bad news as a status I’m so tempted to like it since I have the option.


    • Don’t worry, if you used Facebook on any touchscreen device, you’ve probably already unknowingly clicked that you liked your friends’ exceptionally bad news.

      The good news is your friends were too busy crying over their bad news to notice, and are still your friends!


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