Diamond Store Apparently Thinks She Will Be Impressed By That Engagement Ring If She Knows You Got A Free Gun With The Purchase

NBC affiliate 11alive.com reports that an Atlanta area diamond store is offering a free hunting rifle with a purchase of diamonds over $2,500.

In the video news report, which can be seen here, the store Owner refuses to have his face shown on camera for “security reasons.” Because you know, giving out guns to people shopping for diamonds can’t create any conceivable security issues.

The video continues by interviewing an experienced wedding planner, who suggests this opens the possibilities to a themed wedding involving camouflage, maybe some spurs, and baseball caps.

3 Worse Themes For Weddings Than Camoflauge, Spurs, and Baseball Caps

1. A Rich Kids Of Instagram-themed wedding. The wedding party would be dressed in dresses and tuxedos made entirely for receipts for Louis Vuitton dresses and tuxedos. Ironically, they could have wore the real dresses and tuxedos, instead, but it’s not called the “Smart Kids Of Instagram.” By the way, is it just us, or are the Rich Kids of Instagram getting younger these days? Check out that site’s entry from yesterday and be the judge!

Speaking of rich kids, if you ever wanted a Justin Bieber-themed wedding, there’s currently no shortage of Bieber greeting cards at your local store!

2. Forget just baseball caps – have an entire baseball uniform-themed wedding! Having all the groom’s side dressed in Yankees’ uniforms and all the bride’s side dressed in Red Sox’ uniforms may seem like a good idea until the open bar starts serving and a brawl ensues. Also, the Red Sox side is totally going to lose the game based on this season’s record.

3. An X-Factor themed wedding. Having celebrities like Simon Cowell judging everything from the ceremony to the speeches may initially seem fun, but if new judge Britney Spears pipes in about “how long it’s gonna last,” things might get ugly when you remind her of her marital history.

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