Drunkard Climbs In Stockholm Cop Car, Demands To Be Taken To Drunk Tank

According to a report in the Local, a drunk man in Stockholm, Sweden approached a cop car that was stopped at a traffic light, and demanded to be taken to the drunk tank.

As far as drunks doing dumb things in Sweden goes, this is nothing compared to the drunk guy who came up with a really stupid plan to delay his plane, which we wrote about here.

That said, in the case of this drunkard, the officers, who found the incident to be funny, took his request, and let the man go after six hours of sleeping it off. The man may have been lucky enough to wake up drunk so that he did not feel embarrassed by the entire situation… until of he learned that his story was news-breaking in Sweden… either way, here are:

3 Worse Places To Demand Cops Take You When You’re Drunk Than Jail

1. To Be Reunited With Your Friends Celebrating A Bachelorette Party On Drunk Avenue! As much as officers of the law like it when drunk girls in matching Team Bride tank tops confuse the cops with male strippers, trying to stuff dollars down a cop’s pants is probably a bad idea, especially if you’re in a country like Canada where dollars are cold coins.

2. To visit the Queensland neighborhood in Calgary, Alberta, to sing the Queen hit Bohemian Rhapsody to Queen Elizabeth! First, despite the fact the Queen is on Canadian coins, there are no Queens in Queensland, Alberta. And if you were to find her there by fluke and surprise her with your rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, you’d quickly learn it’s a criminal offense to alarm the Queen in Canada! That’s right, you can get 14 years in prison for “alarming” the Queen of another country in Canada. As for rehearsing your performance of Bohemian Rhapsody in the back of a police cruiser in Alberta, history shows that leads to an embarrassing You Tube hit, and an arrest, as we wrote about here.

Don’t even think about throwing the Queen a surprise party at the Canadian Parliament buildings in Ottawa, Canada! This is where they made the laws making it a criminal offense to alarm the Queen! Ironically, that information may be too alarming to ever legally tell the Queen in Canada.

3. To the nearest “Community Chest” space. While handing a cop a “Get Out of Jail Free” Monopoly card may be endearing enough to keep you out of trouble, following that up by with another Monopoly reference explaining that you were using a well-known euphemism in your community for the cop’s wife’s cleavage won’t.


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