Tell Us Your Bad News! We May Use It For A Comedic Blog Entry!

We will write 3 entries based on your bad news! (Well, not necessarily your bad news, but the best materials received that won’t result in people hitting the “report as ‘mature'” button on WordPress). Just send us a link via Twitter, on Facebook, or in the comments section below. You can also write your own personal “bad news”, provided it’s 140 characters or less if it’s on Twitter, because Twitter can’t handle bad news that takes more than four sentences to relay, without sitting down first.

3 Worse Things Than Getting To Choose Your Own Bad News For This Blog

1. Reading the “Choose Your Own Adventure” novel entitled “You Are A Shark!” Spoiler alert: you never get to be a shark!

2. Trying to choose the next winner of American Idol, unless you’re voting for the boy tween girls think is cute, because that’s who is always going to win, unless you’re willing to dial someone else’s number 100,000 times.

3. Getting to choose what to watch on the CBS network on any given evening. A quick glance at the CBS schedule reveals you can choose the Tony Awards on Sunday night, or a show called “Dogs In The City” on Wednesday. And then we stopped looking at the CBS Schedule, reminded that we’re more likely to see roaming wild dogs in the city, than get tickets to the ever-sold-out Book Of Mormon any time soon.

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    • Thanks, this is now the news story featured in our latest entry! And thank you, too, Australia, for providing us with plenty of material for this site. List of X, you may feel free to submit more bad news (although if you nominate two more news stories, it must be in list form if you are to maintain your street cred!) And anyone else, we’re still accepting nominations for two more stories!


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