Australian Olympic Swimmers In Trouble For Posing With Guns

Thanks to blogger List Of X, who accepted our challenge to provide us with bad news! Said blogger promptly advised us in a highly unconventional non-list format, of a scoop from CNN about two Australia Olypmic swimmers getting in trouble from the Australian Olympic Authorities for posing on Facebook with guns. And we’re not talking about how they refer to their arms in the first person, we’re talking real-looking weapons.Although the photo may have landed these swimmers in hot water, remember people pose in all kinds of ill-advised photos on Facebook! So here are:

3 Worse Things Australian Olympic Swimmers Could Pose With On Facebook

1. Danish swimmers. Because as we first noted here, the OECD named Denmark the world’s happiest country weeks ago, and then changed its mind and chose Australia. And we’ve already learned that the Australia Olympic Authorities can become so unhappy with just a photo that looks like a bachelor party pose in Vegas to the rest of the world, that a photo with arch-rivals of happiness, the Danes, would make them very unhappy. So unhappy, in fact, that they would tilt the scales of happiness back in Denmark’s favor, resulting in the OECD reversing its decision once again, and picking Denmark.

2. Danishes. These things have 263 calories! “You keep eating those, and you’ll be swimming as fast as the cruise ship in Speed 2,” the Australia Olympic Authorities will say as they sequester you to a cruise ship to stick to a lean diet of salad and Norwalk virus.

3. With the Hollister “Lifeguards” (formerly known as “store associates”) on top of a double decker bus in London.

This would be an embarrassing time for someone to drown!

Because let’s face it, if someone is drowning on top of a double-decker bus, in one of the world’s largest cities, on a sunny day in May, and two members of the Australian swim team are unable to help because they are assisting young British women by throwing free Gilly Hicks bras at them, that may indeed reflect poorly on the Australian swim team.

Photo source: Shared from the Hollister Facebook Page!

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  1. How can you get in trouble for looking cool? Pssh…


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