Lil Wayne Surprised To Be Denied Admission To NBA Playoff Game Because He Did Not Have A Ticket

TMZ reported that rapper Lil Wayne was denied admission to an NBA playoff game…because… get ready for the shocker… the game was sold out, he showed up thinking he could sit court side even though he did not have a ticket. Here’s Lil Wayne’s tweet describing the situation. Could it be worse? Of course, that’s why you’re reading NotTheWorstNews.

3 Worse Possible Situations Than ‘Lil Wayne Being Denied Admission To A Playoff Game Without A Ticket

1. Lil Wayne essentially tweeted to his 7 million or so Twitter followers that he apparently thinks that people just show up at events, and they let you in without having to pay. Hopefully his fans don’t think that lesson applies to non-celebrities next time Lil Wayne goes on tour, because all we know is that 20,000 people showing up expecting to get something for free and being denied admission is the kind of thing fans riot over. Especially in Montreal, where fans riot about everything from their hockey team, the Canadiens *winning* a playoff game to a Guns N’ Roses/Metallica concert ending early because Metallica’s lead singer, James Hetfield, caught fire.

2. Being rapper Lil Jon, and having Montreal fans riot at your concert because they expected to get in to a Lil Wayne concert for free, and then when they are forced to pay admission they realize that their English-to-French translations of radio concert announcement listings were not that good.

3. Having a ticket to a special concert benefit featuring Lil Wayne and Lil Jon and being turned away because you appear intoxicated. And you’ve had nothing to drink. Hey, it’s not your fault you look like Steve Buscemi. Maybe if you’re lucky you can get a role as a villain on Boardwalk Empire. Although if you’re less lucky, you’ll get offered a role as Crazy Eyes in Mr. Deeds II, which will sit in Adam Sandler development hell until we at least get sequels to Sandler’s finer work, like the Waterboy, and Grown Ups. And the only thing worse than writing a joke premised on the seemingly great unlikeliness of there ever being a sequel to Grown Ups is learning seconds later that there will be a sequel to Grown Ups.

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