Dragon Horn Injections.

Yahoo reports that a woman has taken drastic steps to resemble a dragon. You can view a photo by clicking here.

As part of this effort, the former banker has surgically removed her ears and nose, and had horn injections.

3 More People We’d Like To See With Horn Implants

  1. Donald Trump. Then media opinion pieces would no longer waste time having to photoshop devilish horns onto Trump’s head.  Added bonus: combover will keep horns warm in extended wintery season.
  2. Adam Sandler. Saves make-up crew time for at least four projects, we suspect.
  3. And doctor who gives people horn injections. Hey Doc, if you’re going to inject people with horns, they should see what they’re getting themselves into, as we suspect horn injections are longer and more painful than your typical flu shot.

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