Ted Cruz iPhone Appeared To Be Getting Messages During CNN Interview

In a CNN Dana Bash interview in New York aired on Thursday, the iPhone tritone ring went off a few times during the interview. The ring is the default for received voice messages.

We’re going to assume political reporter Dana Bash knows to turn off her iPhone during an interview… so here are three questions that arise from this story.

  1. If it was Ted’s phone, why wasn’t it set to silent? We hope during his trip he doesn’t take in a Broadway show because that phone will totally disrupt the performance of a spectacle he will likely review as containing too many scenes with “New York Values.”
  2. Two rings in maybe a ten minute interview? Are you sure you’re popular Ted? On the plus side, we now can confirm you are not a sorority girl.
  3. If it was someone else in the room, how come Ted couldn’t get the situation under control and make the person turn off their phone? Good thing he is not a member of the Library of Congress because you have to shush people in there!

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  1. I’m sure it was Ted’s phone, and surely it was intentionally set to sound mode, because you can’t shut Ted up, and he will not keep his phone silent, either.

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