Google Practical Joke Goes Awry

Google pulled the plug on a Gmail April Fool’s joke, according to Arts Technica.

Gmail users could press a button that would lead to a GIF of a minion “dropping the Mic” and ignoring all replies from the email recipient.

And if you didn’t understand what any of the previous sentence meant, that’s how problems begin.

People claimed they lost a job or potential job interview because they pressed a button to send a message to people, which lead to their account ignoring any responses received.

Since we’re all about helping mega-tech companies, here are:

3 Worse Practical Joke Ideas We Have For Google (To Avoid)

1. Show someone their recent Google search history, but put in a bunch of offensive stuff about gnomes. Then announce their history has been emailed to all of their Gmail contacts.

2. Follow that up by telling the person “all of their Gmail contacts” includes any human or spambot that has ever sent them an email.

3. Tell everyone DuckDuckGo is really owned by the Government. Which government? Tell them they will have to switch their default browser to Google to search for that information.

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