3 Step Guide Of How To Move To Canada If Trump Wins

CNBC reports that “How to move to Canada” has trended on Google since Trump won numerous states on Super Tuesday.

For those seeking advice, we offer these 3 tips:

  1. The residents of the Trump Tower Toronto may be looking for buyers for their units! Oh wait, probably a bad idea, since that will remind you of “Trump” whenever you enter the building.
  2. Oh, about those Trump Tower Toronto unit buyers, according to the Toronto Star, they sued Trump and lost. Why were they suing? Because according to the Judge, the marketing materials for the building were “deceptive documents” but buyers should have known better.  From the article:

“Perell called it ‘some form of guilt by association’ noting that Trump’s corporation simply licensed the Trump name to Talon International, the rookie developers of the oft-delayed project.”

3. Apparently, you don’t have to rush to move to Canada. As mentioned in the quote above, things licensed by Trump are may be ‘oft-delayed.'”  So we’re sure it will take a while before the USA is renamed the ‘United States of Trumperica.’

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