3 More Excuses For Trump To Not Provide His Tax Returns

Earlier this week, Donald Trump said that he might release his tax returns – pointing out to do so would be “complicated.”

During last night’s GOP debate, he said he can’t release his returns because a few years are being audited.

Just in case those audits get suddenly completed… we propose 3 More Excuses To Not Release Trump’s Tax Returns:

  1. Have to find a way to remove embarrassing coffee stain from only copy of 2014 return.
  2. About that 2014 coffee stain – because of it drying, the return is also stuck to the desk.
  3. Even more embarrassing than coffee stain – returns also contain copies of birth certificate proving Obama was born in Hawaii!  (should have never expensed that “business trip” to Hawaii, including the “totally authentic birth certificate photocopying expenses.”)

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