Jeb Breaks Out The W!

The Daily Mail reports that Jeb Bush will have his brother, former President George W. Bush at his side at a rally in South Carolina.

Three More ‘W’s We’d Like To See Rally With Jeb Bush

  1. Wizards. Perhaps they could reveal their magic spell cast over South Carolina that people there think the world was better when the economy was about to collapse in 2008.
  2. W Hotels. These hotels feature check-in desks in a bar, pulsating music 24/7, and are certainly higher energy than the closed-for-business Atlantic City Trump Plaza.
  3. White towels. Hey, while you’re at the W hotel, maybe it’s time to throw in the towel on this Presidential run thing. Just grab one of the white towels, which may or may not have a lime green stain on it due to the funky W hotel soap color, and throw it (beware, W hotel bathrooms feature glass walls – do not accidentally walk into the wall!).


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  1. W bathrooms, to prove that Republicans don’t have the war on women.


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