3 Explanations As To Why Stock Market Is Falling

Yahoo Finance reports that the Dow Jones Industrial Average has fallen 1,400 points since trading began in 2016.  Why is this happening? We have 3 theories:

  1. Hey, the Dow has fallen 11% since Donald Trump announced his candidacy in June. Perhaps telling America it needs to be great again after six years of stock market increases under Obama confused American investors into thinking America was not so great. Only way to test this theory: see if America’s stock market becomes great again by Trump taking a break from non-stop negative comments on network news.
  2. Oh, that oil stuff – not so rare after all. We’ll call this the new “Domino” effect – just like in dominos, when you have a lot of tiles you want to get rid of.  Well, that’s what oil is like – everyone is trying to get rid of it at the same time. And just like dominos, people who think oil is looking good for the future don’t have to use science (unless they are using physics to create an exciting domino tumbling spectacular!)
  3. That high U.S. dollar – everyone wants it – they just don’t want to use it to buy stocks! What are people doing with all those American dollars? Seeing Star Wars a million times each. Once that dies down, we expect everything to be just fine.


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