3 Arguments That We’d Like To See In Natural Born Citizen Case

A Texas man reportedly has started a lawsuit to try to get the Courts to determine the definition of “Natural Born Citizen,” a requirement to be President under the U.S. Constitution.

Since we’re all about pointing out the silliness of laws, here are:

3 Arguments We’d Like To See In A Natural Born Citizen Case

  1. “Isn’t it ironic that the person who says a document from 1787 should govern all law may be ineligible to be President because of what he was doing as a baby? In this case acting like a baby in Congress by not cooperating with anyone proves what he was doing as a baby may really be relevant.”
  2. Hey, doesn’t the Constitution also say all citizens are equal?  We’d rather see Arnold Schwarzenegger run for the G.O.P. First, he agrees with his state fighting climate change, and second, starring in an Expendables sequel just may be a sadder post-gubernotorial job than whatever reality show pays Sarah Palin.”
  3. “So basically, it’s okay for the idiots in Congress who take money from big corporations and never get anything done to be born outside America. But it’s not  okay to be the President, who is a lame-duck without much power to do anything? In fairness, the President does have the major power of launch codes, something the Founding Fathers totally accurately planned for.”

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  1. Constitution says all citizens are equal? You mean like the part that black people count as 3/5 of a white person, and only white males could vote?


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