Since Fox Seems Out Of Ideas, We Have 3 For It

The LA Times reports that in addition to returning the X-Files, Fox plans on reviving 24 and Prison Break.

As some of you might recall in Prison Break, the characters broke out of prison and got thrown back in a different, tougher prison, and broke out of that. Like that ever happens in the real world!

Since we’re all about helping giant media companies, here are three more ideas we have for Fox…

1. Rip-off Disney and make all of these characters into an Avengers-like team that leads to the protagonists breaking out of a prison in real time on another planet... or Death Star (if you want to really rip-off Disney).

2. The Simpsons and American Idol seem about due for a revival. (What, they’re both still on the air?)

3. Use all of your creative energy making up news, including reasons not to vote for Hillary. (Ooops – we meant do the opposite of that with your creative energy.)

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